4GE+1TEL+2USB+WIFI (2.4G&5G)
  • 4GE+1TEL+2USB+WIFI (2.4G&5G)
  • 4GE+1TEL+2USB+WIFI (2.4G&5G)
  • 4GE+1TEL+2USB+WIFI (2.4G&5G)
  • 4GE+1TEL+2USB+WIFI (2.4G&5G)
4GE+1TEL+2USB+WIFI (2.4G&5G)
Category: FTTH ONU
Model: GPB640
Spec:4GE+1TEL+2USB+WIFI(2.4G&5G) (compatible EPON/GPON)
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  • Specifications

      1、 Gigabit PON port for uplink and downlink, high bandwidth and low delay requirements.

      2、 4GE Ethernet electrical port is used to connect lower-level terminals to form an all-optical network. It is used to connect lower-level terminals for FTTR and FTTO.

      3、Provide 1 RJ11 telephone port, support SIP voice and fax.

      4、Support 2.4G/5G dual-band WIFI.

      5、Support EPON/GPON dual-mode adaptive.

      6、 Support packet filtering and protection against illegitimate packet attacks, suppressing unknown unicast, broadcast, and multicast messages .

      7、 Support PPPoE+ function for accurate user identification.

      8、Support multicast protocols such as IGMP Snooping/MLD.

      9、 PON system downstream uses AES-128 algorithm for data encryption.

      10、 Support dual management mode based on DBA technology or priority to ensure the minimum specified bandwidth requirements of users.



      Function Description

      PON uplink port

      Working wavelength

      Transmit wavelength: 1310nm

      Receiving wavelength: 1490nm

      Output optical power


      Receiving sensitivity



      SC/PC Connector

      UNI User interface

      4GE Ethernet electrical port

      Support 10/100/1000M adaptive

      Telephone interface

      1 RJ11 interface

      Support SIP

      WIFI interface

      2.4G/5G dual-band

      2 antenna or 4 antenna

      Support 802.1a/g/n/ac

      USB interface


      Support USB 2.0

      Network management mode

      Local management

      Support local WEB management

      Remote management

      Centralized management on OLT, support WEB, CLI

      Software upgrade

      Local upgrade

      Local download and upgrade via WEB

      Remote upgrade

      Remote software download and upgrade through the OLT CLI

      Physical properties


      220x170×40mm (length * width * height)

      Power supply

      DC 12V 1A

      Power consumption


      Environmental parameters

      Operating temperature: -10~45℃

      Storage temperature: -30~60℃

      Relative humidity: 10~90% (non condensing)



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